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Mazda Recalls Spider-Infested Cars

Mazda has recalled more than 50,000 of its Mazda6 sedans because venomous spiders have a tendency to infest the fuel system, CNN reported yesterday.

Some 20 cases of yellow sac spider infestations have been reported so far. The spiders weave their webs inside the fuel system, which can lead to blockage of the fuel line and potentially fire. No fires have yet been reported.

The yellow sac spider is found throughout the Pacific Northwest, but it isn’t a particularly common Portland or Seattle pest control issue. Its bite can be venomous, causing necrotic lesions that are sometimes mistaken for a brown recluse bite, but it’s not something people should be too concerned about, said Eden entomologist Ben Danielson.

“They are not a common pest encountered and are more often found in the Tri-Cities area,” he said. “Spiders choose whether or not to release venom, and the yellow sack rarely does when giving a warning bite.”

Why the spiders like to infest the Mazda6 remains a mystery – especially as all of the infestations have occurred in 4-cylinder engines, not the V6. Dealers will inspect the recalled cars and make any needed repairs, including installing a spring to prevent the spiders from entering.

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