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Light Bulbs Insects Aren’t Attracted to? Welcome to the Future of LED Lights

Moth on a lightbulb outsideLights with blue and white wavelengths are great for light therapy, helping you feel more awake…and attracting bugs. Oregon and Washington pest control service companies are buzzing about the findings that researcher Travis Longcore with the University of Southern California discovered during a study with the electronics company Royal Philips.

Discoveries in Pest Control, Oregon and Washington Experts Bring Good News

In his experiment, Longcore went to the the Santa Monica Mountains and placed bowls of soapy water under tune-able blue, green, white and red LED lights, as well as standard off-the-shelf LED lights of the same colors and standard compact fluorescent bulbs. He found that the fluorescent lights, which emit violet and ultraviolet light, attracted the most bugs. The tunable-LEDs attracted about 20 percent fewer bugs than the regular LEDs.

As many people find blue and white LED lights to be too bright, unflattering or “cold,” engineers are working on developing an LED that gives a warmer-looking glow. This warm glow could be the solution to detracting bugs.

Outdoor Lighting Tips to Discourage Pests

  • Use lower-wattage light bulbs
  • Use sodium vapor or halogen bulbs instead of fluorescent or mercury vapor bulbs
  • Use yellow light bulbs instead of those that emit white light
  • Avoid hanging lights directly above doors to keep them away from the threshold
  • Use a shade over outdoor lights so they’re less visible to insects from longer distances
  • Use motion-activated lights at the front door, driveway and other places on your property that don’t need a light on for continuous periods
  • Light several citronella candles before it gets dark if you plan to be outdoors

It’s natural to see larger insect populations during the summer months. By using the right lighting, you’ll be able to enjoy your time outdoors more and practice green pest control at the same time. If you think you have a pest infestation on your hands, schedule a free consultation with Eden today.

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