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Learn about Pest Control: Salem Ant ID Workshop

When it comes to pest control, ants are one of the main complaints received by just about any pest control company. Salem pest experts will agree that properly identifying the type of ants infesting your home is a critical step in providing effective pest control. Salem students or professionals who need education credits – or local homeowners who are simply interested – will gather at Chemeketa Community College Feb. 4 to learn more about identifying ant species at the Annual Ant Identification Workshop.

During the workshop, which is hosted by the Oregon Pest Control Association, biologist Dr. Laurel Hansen will show preserved ant specimens and demonstrate key identifiers with the help of dissection microscopes. At the end of the workshop, attendees get to keep the ant specimens as well as an instruction manual, which they can then use to provide more accurate pest control. Ants are fairly ubiquitous pests, and effective non-chemical treatment requires a thorough understanding of ant behavior, which varies from species to species.

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For those in the pest control business, this workshop is a good opportunity to gain 4 credit hours. While the workshop is aimed at those who work for a pest control company, Salem and Portland-area residents who want to take a more serious look at pest control are welcome to attend. Because this is a hands-on workshop and the number of microscopes is limited, only 24 registrants are allowed.

Dr. Hansen teaches about biology and zoology at a variety of education levels, including recertification workshops for professionals in pest control; ants are her research specialty.

If you have any questions, call the OPCA office at 541-935-1115 (toll-free 1-800-656-6722).

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