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It’s National Bed Bug Awareness Week (June 7th-13)!

Bed bugBed bugs are more than creatures in children’s nursery rhymes. They’re a serious problem across the country, and bed bug pest control experts want you to be prepared as the summer travel season begins. In addition to homes and hotels, bed bugs are popping up in unexpected locations, such as New York City’s Central Synagogue.  The insects are also making headlines as 60 percent of pest control professionals reported treating nursing homes with bed bug infestations in 2014. Thirty-six percent of reported responding to hospitals with bed bugs, and 33 percent serviced doctors’ offices.

Bed Bug Management

Inspection and vigilance are major components of bed bug control. When you check into a hotel room or help a loved one get settled into a nursing home or hospital, inspect the room before placing any personal belongings on the floor. Places to look for bed bugs and their small white, translucent eggs include around mattresses, behind drapes, in and under furniture, inside closets, within door and closet frames, around headboards, and behind picture frames.

Adult bed bugs grow up to ¼-inch and resemble apple seeds. Young bugs can be as small as a letter found on a coin.

When traveling, keep your belongings in plastic bags with zipper-like closures at all times. As soon as you arrive home, wash your clothing in hot water and dry them with the hottest stetting possible. Use the hose and crevice tool on a vacuum to clean every corner of your suitcase.

If a loved one is in a nursing home, regularly inspect the room for them, as visitors or other residents may bring in bed bugs. Consider using special mattress encasements for added protection. Report bed bug sightings to staff right away.

When it comes to pest control, hospitals and nursing homes cannot use pesticides to control bed bugs because of the dangers they pose to residents and patients. The good news is that the most effective bed bug management techniques don’t involve dangerous chemicals. If you ever suspect a bed bug infestation in your Northwest home or facility, call Eden Pest for a free on-site inspection and estimate.


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