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Illegal Dumping Near You? This May Be the Cause of Your Rodent Problem

There are fewer things more frustrating than having an immaculate home that is still frequented by rodents. This can happen to you, however, if there is an illegal dumping site near your home. One of the most effective rodent pest control solutions is to eliminate clutter in and around your home. When illegal dumping is the source of the clutter, there are steps you can take to help combat the problem. Red River Trash Pile by Michael Cory, on Flickr

Dumpsites Rodents Prefer

Rodents don’t discriminate when it comes to clutter and trash; they love all forms of it. You can find a rat or mouse infestation in dumpsites that may or may not smell of rotten food. Rodents love old furniture, for example, because it makes the perfect nesting site. Old tires give rats a place to hide, while couch cushions help keep rodent pups warm and cozy. Any dumpsite where a mouse or rat can comfortably live (and isn’t far from food, such as the treats in your home) is like a rodent mansion and will require some extra effort toward rodent pest control.

How to Combat Illegal Dumping

The first thing to do is figure out if the dumpsite is on private or public land. If the land is private, contact the company that owns it and file a complaint. Give the company a deadline to clean up the mess before you contact city officials.

If the dumpsite is on public land, contact city hall and file a complaint. A representative can direct you to the appropriate office to contact, such as the sanitation department, department of transportation and so on. If you feel like you are getting the run-around, you can go a step further and contact the local health department. Sometimes you need more than one voice to get proper rodent pest control services under way. When this is the case, encourage your neighbors to also file complaints.

To combat future illegal dumping so the rodent pest control problem doesn’t return, encourage a permanent solution. If the dumping is a chronic problem, ask the landowner or city about future prevention techniques, which can include “No Dumping” signs, barriers or landscape beautification efforts.

[Photo by: Michael Cory, on Flickr, via CC License]


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