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How Portland’s Cold, Wet Spring May Affect Pest Populations

For many Portland residents, this spring may not look different than any other gray, rainy March. But meteorologists are predicting an especially cool, wet spring that could end up in the record books. By March 21, Portland had already received 20 days of rain, and weather forecasts indicate the trend will continue into April, the news station KGW reported.

As a result of the unusually high rainfall, Portland pest control companies are predicting potential increases in some pest populations. Here’s a look at how this year’s weather may affect pest control for Portland homeowners:

Reduced insect activity in spring.

“A cool, wet spring usually means less insect activity,” said Ben Danielson, Eden’s Associate Certified Entomologist. “Insects, being exothermic, rely on the ambient temperature for warmth. This causes slower egg hatch and development.”

However, he added, fungus gnats will thrive, and some pests – such as psocids and springtails – can increase and become a problem in late spring or early summer. Mosquitoes could become a problem, as well, if water temperatures stabilize around at least 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Learn more about mosquito pest control.

Increased rodent activity.

Cool, wet springs result in an abundance of plant growth, which provides natural food and harborage for rodent populations. As part of their regular rodent control and pest prevention practices, homeowners should keep vegetation trimmed and weeds cut low, Danielson recommends.

Pest problems in late spring and early summer.

While homeowners can expect reduced insect activity while the weather is cool, they should also anticipate a pest-heavy summer.

“The elements are there to create a serious problem with many types of insect pests once summer approaches,” Danielson said. “Heavier plant growth will encourage large populations of many ornamental pests like aphids and attendant predators and ant problems. The season will probably start off slow and then develop rapidly as temperatures rise into the upper 60s.”

If you’re concerned about how the rainy spring may affect pest populations around your home, consult a Portland pest control professional.


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