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How Eden Pest Will Prepare you for Spring

Eden's Spring ServicesGreen pest control begins with prevention. Eden makes Washington and Oregon pest control simple with its Enhanced Service Program. In this program, a technician visits your home every other month to inspect your property, identify signs of pests and conditions that could attract pests to your home or business. If needed, the technician will apply a preventive or control treatment to strategic areas of your property based on the time of year using products with the least toxicity.

Spring Pest Control

When the weather begins to warm in February and March, Eden’s Enhanced Service Program addresses pests that overwinter near your home, paying particular attention to dripline areas and the soil along the foundation of a home or building, as pests like rodents, birds, earwigs and spiders often spend the winter here. A dripline is the path that dripping water creates around a property, from the foundation out to the gutters.

The pest control technician also eliminates spider webs and sacs around the exterior of your property to control and reduce springtime arachnid populations, as well as inspecting the structure for possible rodent entry points.

Prevention using integrated pest management techniques is always simpler and less expensive than facing an infestation. Learn about the vulnerabilities around your home or business by scheduling an inspection and free estimate with an Oregon or Washing pest control expert at Eden Pest today.

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