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How Eden Can Prepare You for the Fall

Eden's Fall Services IconAs the weather begins to cool at the end of summer, Washington and Oregon pest management experts at Eden warn that this is the time of year when unwanted critters start moving into homes. With its Enhanced Service Program (ESP), Eden pest control professionals can help protect your property against the season’s most common pests.

Eden’s Fall Enhanced Service Program for Oregon and Washington Pest Control

When you sign up for ESP, a technician visits your property every other month to perform services that help prevent infestations from pests like spiders, ants, rodents, earwigs, yellow jackets and wasps.

Eden uses the most efficient and effective control methods that pose the lowest health risks to you, your pets and the environment. The techniques eliminate the use of unnecessary pesticides. When a technician services your property, he’ll first conduct a thorough inspection to identify conductive areas. He’ll then apply treatments with the least toxicity to areas as needed.

Oregon Pest Management: Preparing for Autumn

In the months of August and September, the ESP program involves inspecting, protecting and treating your home’s barrier, the 10-foot perimeter around the foundation. The targeted pests that the technicians inspect and treat for include millipedes, spiders, rodents, ants and other insects that overwinter indoors.

As outdoor food and water sources start diminishing and the temperatures drop, pests make their way indoors. With the help of Eden’s ESP program, you can rest assured knowing that pests won’t intrude on your upcoming fall and winter activities.

Contact Eden to learn more how its ESP program can benefit your home and to receive a free quote.

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