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How Our Bed Bug Pest Control Program Works

In larger cities like Seattle, bed bugs are ridiculously easy to get and frustratingly difficult to eliminate. There’s no longer one blanket solution for bed bug pest control; rather, getting rid of these bloodsucking pests requires a multi-faceted program carried out over several treatments to ensure the bed bugs are thoroughly eliminated.

When plagued by bed bugs, Seattle residents should look for a bed bug pest control company that takes a thorough, thoughtful approach to removing these pests. Beware any company that claims to get rid of bed bugs in one day or with just one treatment; without follow-up inspections, you’re likely to end up with a re-infestation.

At Eden, we’re particularly proud of our bed bug pest control programs for both commercial and residential properties. To give you an idea of what a quality bed bug pest control plan looks like, here’s a look at what our abatement program involves:

Heat remediation.

Our non-chemical, environmentally friendly heat treatment method is the safest, fastest and most cost-effective bed bug pest control technique we’ve discovered. By blasting the infested area with dry heat (122-135 degrees Fahrenheit) we are able to kill bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle. We utilize a unique system of heaters connected to a central monitor, so our technician can ensure the temperature is appropriate for each area of the space. We also use fans in conjunction with the heaters to focus heat on hard-to-reach or trouble areas.

Bed bug detection dogs.

Once the heat treatments have been applied, we use bed bug detection dogs to sniff out any remaining pests. A bed bug dog can sweep a room in less than five minutes, with a 97 percent accuracy rate for bed bug detection. We contract with Pioneer Pest Detection, whose canines are the newest weapon in bed bug pest control.

One-month warranty.

Once we get control of the bed bug infestation – as in, no live insects or viable eggs have been found and no bites have occurred since our last follow-up inspection – we’ll warranty our treatment for 30 days. If any activity recurs during this time, we’ll re-treat the area free of charge.

A bed bug infestation can be a horrific experience, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Enlist a quality pest control company that uses a multi-pronged approach as well as the safest and most efficient techniques for bed bug pest control.

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