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3 Reasons to Winterize Your Home against Pests

During the final sweet days of summer, there’s nothing quite as unappealing as a drawn-out home project. However, one such home improvement project – winterizing your home against pests – is definitely worth interrupting your warm-weather reverie. Winterizing your home involves sealing up any cracks or other openings in your home’s exterior.

Here are a few reasons why, from Boston to Bellevue, pest control professionals recommend sealing up your home as winter approaches:

1. Winterization keeps pests out and prevents costly infestations down the road.

As temperatures drop, insects naturally migrate indoors to hibernate and prepare to lay their eggs. Pests may spend months curled up in your baseboards, attic or any other number of places where they can be warm and safe until cold weather passes. Once spring arrives, you may find you have a major residential pest control problem on your hands, as eggs laid over the winter hatch and you find you must share your home with thousands of creepy crawlies. To avoid a disturbingly buggy home pest inspection in the spring, it’s important to seal pests out before they can enter your home.

Sealing up cracks and other openings in your home’s exterior is a form of proactive residential pest control. As Portland and Bellevue pest control experts can tell you, bugs won’t be able to hole up and lay eggs in your home if they can’t gain entry in the first place. Furthermore, winterization saves you money in the long run, as you won’t have to shell out more clams to have pests eradicated from your home down the road.

2. Winterization saves you money on energy bills.

Winterizing doesn’t only keep bugs out of your home – it also seals out drafts. Indeed, a home energy inspection is much like a home pest inspection in that both aim to remove any openings that pests or heat could squeeze through. Cracks in your home’s exterior, such as those around windows and soffits, allow heat to seep outside, forcing you to spend more money on keeping your home cozy and warm. In the case of winterization, what’s good for residential pest control is also good for your energy bill.

3. Winterization makes your home more eco-friendly.

Sealing the exterior of your home is a humble but important way to nourish the earth. If every American conducted such winterization, we wouldn’t have to spray nearly as many chemicals on residential pest control. Furthermore, because winterization seals your home from an energy perspective, by making sure your home is ship-tight, you help lower our overall energy needs for the winter.

Of course, if you do find you have a pest problem, you can help protect the earth by hiring an environmentally friendly pest control company. Green pest control is available in most Pacific Northwest cities, including Portland and Bellevue. Pest control professionals can also conduct a home pest inspection to check whether your home is truly sealed against pests.

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