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Green Pest Control for Your Veggies

Pests are a natural occurrence in any home garden. However, the wrong pests can be harmful to your fruits and vegetables. You want to get rid of them, but you don’t want to use chemical pesticides that can be absorbed by your veggies. What’s a gardener to do?

The following are some eco-friendly pest control tips you can use to get rid of harmful garden intruders.

Use barriers. Experienced gardeners often use green pest control barriers such as mosquito nets to keep bugs at bay. The material must be woven tightly enough to keep out pests but loosely enough to allow plenty of sun and water to reach your plants.

Have your plants help. There are many flowers, herb, and vegetables that act as natural green pest control agents, such as lemon thyme, spearmint, marigolds and hemp. There are many resources online that list repellent plants and the specific insects they repel.

Bring in the birds. Birds aren’t only pretty, they are also a great eco-friendly pest control method. Put up a bird feeder and let the birds take it from there.

Don’t kill them all! Remember, certain insects are essential to a healthy garden. Ladybugs, earthworms and garden spiders are just a couple of examples of the “good” bugs and can be some of your best green pest control allies, so if you see any of them, keep ’em around.

If you must spray… Use a green pest control spray. These can be found at many home and garden stores. All-natural pesticides help you get rid of garden pests while keeping your fruits and veggies organic and delicious.

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