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3 Reasons to be Thankful for Green Pest Control

As you bow your head over your turkey feast and count your blessings this Thanksgiving, consider giving a nod to one of the unsung heroes of our chemical-dependent modern society: green pest control.

While most people don’t think much about pest control until they need it, it’s an important part of keeping schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and homes clean of insects as well as the filth and diseases they carry. In the past, pest control was carried out by dumping toxic chemicals on the problem until it went away. These days, however, with the development of tactics such as Integrated Pest Management, many green pest control services are able to wipe out infestations using minimal chemicals.

Still think green pest control services are no big deal? Here are three reasons to be thankful for green pest control:

1. Green pest control makes families healthier.

Pesticides have been linked to all sorts of nasty side effects, from illness to poisoning. When you use them in your home to control an infestation, it’s virtually impossible to prevent these chemicals from spreading throughout your living space. Pesticides can end up in the air you breathe and on surfaces you – and your little ones – touch. Fortunately, green pest control services that practice Integrated Pest Management use pesticides only as a last resort (and choose the least toxic alternatives) so your family won’t suffer any harmful effects.

2. Integrated Pest Management makes schools safer.

When it comes to blanket applications of pesticides to control insect populations, schools have historically been some of the worst offenders. These toxic chemicals end up in the walls, floorboards and on playgrounds – all areas your children are exposed to for hours every day. Recognizing that pesticides have been implicated in learning disabilities and other health problems, many school districts are now hiring green pest control services to help them develop Integrated Pest Management plans in order to minimize the use of chemicals and make schools safer.

3. Green pest control protects the environment.

Pesticides don’t just affect the area in which they’re applied; they get washed away into storm drains, where they ultimately drain into local lakes and rivers. Green pest control not only minimizes the use of chemicals, but it encourages businesses and homeowners to live harmoniously with the environment by understanding the life cycles of pests and controlling infestations through natural means.

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