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Fleas Thriving in the Pacific Northwest

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Fleas loved the mild winter this year as much as residents in the Pacific Northwest did. The unusual warm weather throughout 2015 created the ideal environment for fleas to thrive, keeping residential pest control companies busy. Interestingly, Washington and Oregon pest control companies responded to homes and businesses with flea problems that did not have any pets present. Flea pest control is essential in any home or office to maintain the health of those within it.

Why Flea Control is Necessary

Fleabites feel itchy when an individual or animal is allergic to the pest’s saliva. As if the long-lasting itch weren’t bad enough, Oregon and Washing pest control experts warn that fleas can also:

  • Transmit tapeworms to dogs and cats that accidentally ingest them
  • Cause dermatitis in sensitive pets
  • Transmit the plague to pets and humans

Between April and September 2015, there were 13 reported cases of plague and 3 deaths in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two cases were linked to Yosemite National Park in neighboring California. One case occurred in Oregon. 

The plague occurs naturally in the wild and generally affects wild rodents. The warmer weather and surge in flea population may be the cause behind the higher plague infection rates in humans this year.

Flea Pest Control and Prevention Tips

  • Regularly treat pets with anti-tick and –flea products
  • Use a flea spray on pets that have fleas
  • Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts outside
  • Do not handle and do not allow pets to handle wild animals
  • Use integrated pest management to make your home and landscaping less attractive to rodents
  • Use insect repellants on your clothes and skin when you go outside
  • Regularly vacuum your home, including furniture
  • Regularly wash pet bedding in hot water

While flea-borne illnesses are rare, it’s best to call Eden if your home or building has a flea infestation. Our effective flea control techniques are effective, yet safe for your family, pets and the environment. Contact Eden today to schedule a free inspection.

[Photo by: quinet via CC License]

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