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Finding the Right Company for Your Pest Control Needs

Eden Pest teamThink all Oregon and Washington pest control companies do the same thing? Think again. It is not unusual for pest control professionals to have different practices in regards to their approaches and services provided. By knowing when to enlist professional help and what to seek in a contractor, you’ll get rid of your pest problem sooner and save yourself from unnecessary stress.

DIY versus Pest Control Professionals

There are effective techniques that you can do to prevent a pest infestation at home, such as keeping landscaping tidy or being smart about trash disposal. When you encounter certain infestations, a professional can often control the pests in a faster, safer and more effective manner. Hire a Washington or Oregon pest control company when:

  • Dealing with termites, bed bugs or rodents
  • Pests are difficult to reach
  • Pests pose a danger, such as bees, wasps or poisonous spiders
  • Pests are in sensitive areas, like pantries
  • If you do not know how to use pesticides properly or are concerned about using harsh chemicals

Consider the Health of Your Family, Pets and the Environment

Some pest control professionals have a spray-and-kill approach. While this works sometimes, a good Washington or Oregon pest control company performs an inspection to identify the pest and create a targeted plan to control it. When you work with a green pest control provider, the company uses the least toxic methods possible to keep your home and surrounding environment safe.

 When shopping around for an Oregon or Washington pest management expert, learn about their approach. Oregonians found out the importance of this the hard way in 2014. According to the Statesman Journal, the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) investigated 505 potential pesticide violations and issued fines to 34 “pesticide applicators.” One company misused a pesticide, causing thousands of bees to die in Eugene. Another used a chemical spray that caused dozens in an Oregon community to fall ill. The ODA found that many applied pesticides in negligent or careless manners, or allowed unlicensed technicians to perform work. 

What to Look for in a Pest Control Company

A good pest control company:

  • Has the appropriate credentials and state licenses; don’t be afraid to ask for proof
  • Ensures technicians have current and active licenses
  • Provides transparent communication verbally and through estimates and contracts.
  • Has a good quality rating with the National Pest Management Association and is a Quality Pro Certified company (which you can find in your area here). Also look for good reviews on consumer websites
  • Gives you no problems or grief when you ask for referrals
  • Provides quality services, such as targeted approaches, guarantee on services and follow-up inspections
  • Is environmentally responsible and can easily explain their environmental efforts and have certifications or credentials to back them up

When seeking a pest management company, shop around for the best value, not the cheapest price. In the end, you’ll find that reputable professionals—like those at Eden—provide effective services that help prevent re-infestations and keep you and your family safe. Give Eden a call to learn more.

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