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Fall is here and so are the Spiders!

Some say that dawn’s dewy webs are beautiful… others insist they are mere reminders of the Halloween Holiday approaching.

The truth is that spiders are one of nature’s own pest control agents. They cut down the populations of other pests. So it is a good thing to see those webs pop up this time of year.

It is when spiders get a little lost and find themselves inside of our homes that we get a little “creeped out.” Most arachnophobes will agree that there is something about 8 legs that makes a spider creepier than any other bug or insect. Unfortunately, their biology and behaviors also make them harder to kill.

Spiders are much easier to manage than they are to kill. They do not have sticky pads (aerolia) on their feet like most insects have for absorbing insecticides from a surface, nor do they clean themselves. Therefore, it is better to discourage spiders through landscape modifications and light management techniques.

Spiders follow insects they prey upon… therefore treating for those insects is a great discouragement to spiders.  For example: flying insects are attracted to white lights, they are not however, attracted to yellow lights. The use of yellow lights will reduce the insect load upon which the spiders prey.

Another way to discourage spiders from getting close to your home is by removing shrubs or keeping them trimmed back. This effort will help remove harborages for both spiders and insects.

Exclusions measure around your home will also help to keep them out. Glue boards will trap some wandering spiders in the home. Certainly, knocking down spider webbing is also helpful toward discouraging their presence.

If you are having trouble with spiders in and around your home, talk to your technician about the different spider treatment options available.


  1. Spiders are some of nature’s own pest control agents, cutting down on the population of other pests. We just like them to keep their creepiness out of our homes.
  2. Removal of webs, is the easiest, most effective, and greenest way of encouraging spiders to look elsewhere for a home.
  3. There are many different species of spiders that are harmless to humans. However, they’re easily confused with spiders that carry dangerous venom.

If you suspect you have one of those spiders that carry a powerful bite, save a specimen for your technician so he/she can identify it and treat as necessary.

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