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Eugene Pest Management Professionals See Uptick in Bed Bugs

Eugene pest management professionals are witnessing an increase in the number of bed bugs in Lane County. What was an epidemic in East Coast cities is now a problem on the West Coast, including Eugene. Pest control service representatives are also seeing bed bugs in Portland, Seattle and even smaller cities such as Salem. Here’s a look at the recent increase in bed bugs in the Eugene area:

First, let’s take a look at the plentiful evidence that bed bug pest control is actually a much-needed service in Eugene.

  • Pest management professionals have reported seeing bed bugs on rented furniture in Lane County.
  • Workers at the Eugene St. Vincent de Paul have seen bed bugs on donated items.
  • A local man experienced a Eugene pest management nightmare when a mattress he found in an alley turned out to have a major bed bug infestation.
  • A Lane County health inspector found bed bugs in a motel on the coast.
  • Bed bugs have also been found in two affordable housing apartment buildings in Eugene.

This trend of increased local bed bug infestations follows a national pattern. By way of hitching a ride on the possessions of traveling humans, bed bugs have spread to every state and city in the union, not just Eugene. Pest control service surveys show just how ubiquitous bed bugs have become. When the National Pest Control Association surveyed its members on bed bug pest control in 2000, only 25 percent reported having treated bed bugs. What a difference a decade can make. In 2011, 95 percent of pest control professionals report having provided bed bug pest control services.

The problem is serious enough in Oregon that state and Multnomah County officials have come together to create a bed bug task force. This group will research the prevalence of bed bugs in Oregon and make recommendations for county health departments on how to handle infestations.

If you happen to have an infestation on your hands already, here are a few bed bug pest control tips:

1. Minimize pesticide use.

Although bed bugs are extremely irritating, they’re not actually all that dangerous to human health. The real danger comes when people apply pesticides willy-nilly in a desperate attempt to rid themselves of the itchy little monsters. From headaches to nausea to sore throats, people can have very adverse reactions to pesticides. The Oregon Pesticide Analytical Response Center says that bed bug pesticides have sickened Oregonians at least four times in the past year. Avoid applying pesticides yourself; have a professional bed bug pest control expert apply pesticides for you, if you decide to apply them at all. 

2. Choose green bed bug pest control.

In truth, you don’t have to use a lot of toxic chemicals to achieve bed bug pest control. Instead, hire a green pest control service with a proven record of applying effective non-toxic solutions. For instance, heat, freezing and other mechanical solutions can help control the problem more quickly and reduce the amount of chemicals needed.

If you’ve already chosen a pesticide-based answer, protect your family’s health by calling the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), which happens to be based in Corvallis. NPIC offers free telephone consultations to inform consumers on the health and environmental risks associated with various pesticides. You can call them to get scientific, nonbiased information on pesticides, all provided in layperson’s terms.

3. Carefully research your pest management company.

Not every Eugene pest control service is created equal. Do some research before hiring a bed bug pest control company. Get references. Research Eugene pest management firms with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that other consumers have given them high marks.

Finally, considering the suffering an infestation inflicts, Eugene pest control service providers encourage you to avoid spreading bed bugs. Don’t donate infested items, and avoid traveling with anything that may have been the playground of bed bugs.

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