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Eugene Pest Control Service Offers Tips for Combating Spiders

Black Widow

Most Northwest spiders are harmless, but Eugene pest management companies warn that the arachnids that don’t like to play nice tend to multiply and come out when the weather warms. Spiders are one of the most common pests in Eugene. Pest control service professionals offer the following knowledge about the spiders you may encounter, as well as advice about what to do about them.

Common Spiders in Eugene

There are more than 500 species of spiders in Oregon. Spiders are generally beneficial creatures because they eat other nuisance bugs, like aphids, flies, ants and mosquitoes. They generally welcome themselves in or around your home because they find it inviting and protective. While most are harmless, a few arachnids can be troublesome when there’s an encounter.

Black widow: This infamous spider has a bulbous black body and the shape of a red hourglass on its abdomen. While the black widow is one of the most dangerous of the spider species, it’s also one of the least aggressive. Black widow spiders make webs and tend to live under homes, outbuildings, larger rocks or woodpiles. If a black widow bites you, go to the emergency room right away.

Hobo spider: Brown with white stripes and a spot on its abdomen, the hobo spider builds funnel webs under woodpiles, buildings or near concrete walls. While they’re generally afraid of humans, a female hobo spider will act aggressively if she thinks her eggs are in danger. Males may also bite during the mating season in the fall. A hobo spider bite can lead to necrosis, local tissue death, so see a doctor if one bites you.

Wolf spider: A web-less arachnid, the wolf spider is black with brown- or cream-colored stripes on the body. It can run quickly and may hang out with others of its kind. If provoked, the wolf spider might bite, but the bites are generally harmless.

Spider Prevention

Keeping spiders out of your house can be as simple as running clean ship, because this eliminates the arachnid’s food source – insects. Vacuum and dust your home regularly; fix leaky pipes; never leave food out in the open; and store the food in your pantry or cupboards in lidded containers. If you have a woodpile, keep it 6 feet away from your home. Use yellow light bulbs in outside light fixtures to help keep insects and their predators away from your home.

If you find a dangerous spider on your property, or one you think is dangerous, immediately call a Eugene pest control service. The control and treatment tactics used at Eden offer effective, long-term protection from spiders in a manner that’s safe for the environment.

[ Photo by: OakleyOriginals, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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