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How to Avoid Creepy-Crawly Pests this Halloween

Porch Spider

Rubber bats hanging on the porch and plastic spiders spinning cotton webs – many common Halloween decorations play on the innate fear we have of creepy-crawlies. Unfortunately, as you dress up your home for the festivities this season, real-life pests may be moving into your home while your back is turned. To avoid having to make a call to a Eugene pest control company, practice the following pest prevention tips and increase the chances that the only pests you see this Halloween are of the synthetic variety.

Keep squash bugs out of your pumpkins. If you like to display carved or painted pumpkins at the front of your home, adorn them with an arrangement of mint, catnip, radish greens, tansy, marigolds, bee balm or nasturtium; these naturally repel the insects. To keep bugs out of a pumpkin patch, use floating row covers during the spring and remove them during the summer when the temperatures soar or the squash are too large. The experts at your favorite Eugene pest control company also recommend keeping your yard free of debris throughout the year to discourage the presence of squash bugs.

Keep bats out of the attic. Use caulk to seal all exterior cracks larger than ¼ inch on the outside walls of your home. Mend or replace torn window screens, and install chimney caps. Then use draft guards under attic doors. If you notice an entrance to your home that bats are using, loosely cover it with bird netting that lets them out but not back inside. When you’re certain all the bats are gone, seal the opening.

Prevent a spider invasion. Keep your yard well-manicured all year, because this deters insects that spiders like to eat and helps eliminate potential spider nesting sites. In addition, keep your home tidy, dusted and organized – this will help get rid of old and current spider webs as well as cut down on potential food sources for spiders.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Avoid purchasing, borrowing or accepting clothing, fabrics and furniture that may have been exposed to bed bugs. Eugene residents, as well as those across the nation, should never accept a used mattress. If you travel, inspect your luggage for signs of the blood suckers before you bring it into your home.

[ Photo by: PunkToad, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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