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Eugene Pest Control: Common Pests in Eugene, Oregon

large group of bed bugsEugene pest control service professionals see all kinds of critters as they make their home pest inspection rounds, but certain pests are more common than others in the Emerald City. Eugene’s location in the agricultural Mecca that is the Willamette Valley means there is plenty of vegetation for pests to munch on, so it’s no surprise that there’s a healthy bug and rodent population here.

The following is a look at three of the most common pests in Eugene, Oregon and provides tips on how Eugene residents can prevent each type of pest from infesting their homes. Of course, if you already have a major infestation, it’s wise to hire a pest control company—Eugene has plenty of choices as far as Eugene pest control service options are concerned.

1. Spiders

Arachnids are actually helpful for humans in that they eat other bugs, including flies, gnats, aphids, beetles and mosquitoes. Eugene pest control service providers are quick to point out that Eugene’s location in an agricultural valley, with plenty of natural areas nearby, means spiders have a plethora of bugs to munch on; overall, Oregon is home to more than 500 species of spiders.

Here’s the problematic thing about local spiders, as known by any pest control company: Eugene also has several species of spiders with potentially toxic venom, including the black widow, the hobo and the yellow sac spider. Black widow bites should always be treated as an emergency, while reactions to hobo and yellow sac spider bites vary. Most Eugene residents would rather not have any spiders in the house, poisonous or not.

Spider pest prevention.

If you find any poisonous spiders in your home, it’s best to contact a Eugene pest control service for removal. Pest control professionals can also offer regular home pest inspection walk-throughs to knock down any spider webs for you. Otherwise, here are some steps you can take to prevent spiders from moving in:

  • Inspect your whole home regularly for webs, and remove any that are located in or near your home; if their homes are repeatedly knocked down, spiders will find new spots to spin their webs.
  • Keep your whole home clean to prevent other insects from setting up shop, which will reduce the amount of food spiders have to eat.
  • Take a look at your outdoor lighting. Is it attracting a cornucopia of insects to your door? If so, the spiders will follow that source of food. Change the color or type of your light bulbs to reduce insect attraction.

2.  Bed Bugs

The bed bug problem is no longer limited to large cities – it has now spread to small towns in every state. Traveling humans have given bedbugs a ride to nearly every city in the U.S., including Eugene. Pest control service firms are springing up in response; since last August, six companies with “bed bug” in their names have launched in Oregon. In Eugene alone, two new bed bug companies have opened in the past year. The number of new bed bug operations indicates a considerable number of bed bug problems in Lane County and across the state.

Bed bug pest prevention.

New Yorkers have become notorious for snubbing people who have a bed bug infestation. Eugene has not yet reached that state of bed bug panic, but you can still protect yourself by doing the following:

  • Be conscientious of what you bring into your home. Bed bugs can hop, and they will gladly hitch a ride on clothing, furniture or bedding.
  • Avoid rental furniture and used mattresses, which often carry bed bugs – a fact well known to any pest control company.
  • Eugene residents who already have a bed bug infestation should contact a Eugene pest control company. Leave it to the professionals to rid your home of this highly irritating, stubborn pest.

3. Rodents.

Deer mice and Norway rats are attracted to rustic buildings, bountiful crops, and seclusion – many of the same things beloved by residents of Eugene. Pest control service representatives tell us that mice and rats look for good sources of food and quiet places to build their nests where they won’t be disturbed.

Like many farmland areas, Eugene has plenty of outbuildings where mice and rats like to breed. Furthermore, Eugene’s location in the agriculturally rich Willamette Valley makes for excellent growing conditions, which means rats and mice have plenty of food and places to hide.

Rodent pest prevention.

The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is to keep a clean home and a meticulous yard. Remove any weeds, especially those near the house, and clean your outbuildings regularly – at least once a year. Because rodents can carry dangerous diseases, including Hanta virus, you need to be especially careful when cleaning areas where you suspect an infestation.

  • Wear rubber gloves and a facemask.
  • Wet down areas where you suspect there may be mouse or rat droppings with bleach or Lysol solutions.
  • Avoid disturbing dry, dusty areas.
  • Place waste materials in sealed plastic bags, and dispose of them outside.
  • Cleaning up after rodents is such a hazardous job that it’s best to contact a Eugene pest control service rather than trying to do it yourself.

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