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3 Ways Your Eugene Landscape May Invite Pest Infestations

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Regardless of how wonderful you think your landscaping looks, our Eugene pest control service pros warn that it may also look inviting to pests. When your yard provides a safe haven, pests may start to get curious about your home and invite themselves inside. That’s why, during a home pest inspection, your Eugene pest control company will often suggest ways to make your landscape less hospitable to pests.

Here’s a look at the landscaping pitfalls that are most likely to attract a pest infestation:

1. Landscape design. Planting bushes, trees, flowers and other flora too close to your home may give your home curb appeal to pests as well as passersby. A variety of pests make their homes in these landscaping features, and plants that are close to the home can provide critters easy access into your house.

2. Grading. It’s common for a Eugene pest control company to see a home or building whose first floor is below grade. Alternatively, the landscaping may be too high on the exterior of a home. When landscaping is too high and too close to a home, pests have easier access to additional entry points, like the roof.

3. Irrigation. Improper water drainage can cause water to pool around your home. In addition to potentially damaging a building’s foundation (which can attract termites), standing water can become a waterhole, breeding ground and nesting site for pests.

As you begin to beautify your property for the warm months ahead, call a Eugene pest control service and schedule an inspection. Our professionals can identify areas in your landscaping that are vulnerable to a pest infestation and give you tips about how to reduce the risk.

[ Photo by: Field Outdoor Spaces, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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