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Eleven Tips to Keep Your Thanksgiving Dinner Pest-Free

Bellevue, WA, has many great perks to offer its residents. Ranked as the 2nd Best Place to Live by USA Today in 2014, the city continues to grow in popularity and population. As the holidays approach, Bellevue residents are busy planning their Thanksgiving Day dinners. Unfortunately, with such a large population of great cooks working their holiday magic, a variety of tiny guests will be planning ways to sneak into the best dinner parties without invitations. As an early holiday gift, Eden Pest Control is sharing tips to help you keep your Thanksgiving dinners and parties pest-free. 

Bug-Bashing Holiday Tips from Your Pest Removal Experts

  1. To avoid tempting the versatile palates of cockroaches, don’t leave any foods or groceries unattended longer than necessary. Observe this rule before, during and after the dinner takes place.
  2. Remove all food debris and paper garbage from your cooking and prep areas often, and store smelly garbage bins away from your house.
  3. Rinse containers with water before discarding them.
  4. Keep in mind that smells emanating from your dishwasher and spills on your kitchen floors and counter tops will also attract roaches and other pests.
  5. Although they’re more problematic in the warmer months, ants can and do show up for winter holiday events. If you see a single ant scout, don’t squash it. Live ants are attracted to the smell of their dead friends.
  6. Keep ants away from your home by carefully managing ant beds in your yard and sealing up small holes and entry points around your house.
  7. Ants hate the smell of cinnamon, red chili powder, black pepper, mint and vinegar. Although they’re not foolproof, these safe, non-toxic substances can be used as repellents.
  8. If you’ll be eating outdoors or leaving doors and windows open for ventilation, you may find yourself battling flies. Keep serving dishes covered with lids or mesh food tents.
  9. If flies are bugging your guests, plug in your electric bug zapper, or hang flypaper spirals near the eating area.
  10. After the sun goes down, you may be able to entice some flies away from your table with a bug light placed in a nearby location.
  11. Avoid using insecticides in any setting where food is being served.

Trust Eden to Protect Your Bellevue, WA, Home

If you want to be absolutely sure that unwanted guests won’t show up to sabotage your holiday dinner, it’s time to call the experts at Eden for professional pest control. We’ll start with a thorough inspection and evaluation of your home and your pest problem. Next, we’ll discuss your service needs and devise a plan to get rid of pests and keep them away throughout the holiday season and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


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