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Eden Wins the Business Examiner’s Solidarity Award

Eden Wins the Business Examiner’s Solidarity Award

Last week we let you know that the Business Examiner had nominated Eden for 2012 Top Places to Work. We’re proud to announce that we received the “Solidarity Award”, a recognition of our socially welcoming work culture, our sense of team and family, and our ability to be genuine and authentic as individuals.

While you may have noticed this while working with our technicians or office staff, it’s always nice to have it publicly recognized. We’d like to take a minute to thank the Business Examiner, as well as every single employee at Eden who works to foster these values and ideas within our company. We believe that good customer service starts at home, and that part of bringing excellent service to you is having it within our own doors.

Here’s how we’ve created such a strong sense of solidarity within our company.

  • Socially Welcoming Work Culture: Every new employee is welcomed with banners and a lunch, where they meet our office staff and share about themselves, their family, and their hobbies. They get to know those they’ll be working with during the training period, and are assigned a mentor when they’re ready to move into their new position. This mentor helps the new employee with their duties, and also helps them engage in our warm and positive culture.
  • Our Sense of Team and Family: We encourage our employees to have active lives, including healthy family relationships. We are family-owned and family-friendly. We also encourage our employees to engage with each other on a personal level, making this more than just a job.
  • Our Ability to be Genuine and Authentic: We realize that no two people are the same, and don’t force our employees to fit in a cookie cutter mold. Using personality measurements, we help our employees engage in ways that are meaningful to them, recognizing the individual strengths of each person. We also encourage our employees to set goals for improvement, encouraging them to grow in an environment of constructive criticism.

In the end, we love Eden and hope you do too! Remember, we’re always here for you.


Thanks, Eden!


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