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Eden visits Artondale Elementary’s morning preschool class in Gig Harbor.

On Monday, October 12, Cody Pace of Eden’s Seattle Branch, made a visit to his son’s preschool.  With six kids and six Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches it turned out to be an eventful morning.

Cody presented a slide show of up-close and personal photographs of the many faces in the insect world. The youngsters were fascinated with the vibrant colors of the eyes, faces and peculiar placement of various antennae and mouthparts.

After the slide show the Cockroaches were ready to play! Some of the students were too nervous at first but by the end of hour, each one mustered up enough courage to hold or at least pet a roach.

Everyone then got to sit down and color a picture of Ladybugs or one of Bats. Both Ladybugs and Bats are considered beneficial creatures, keeping down the populations of more nuisance pests like aphids and mosquitoes.

Although Cody had a personal connection with this class because of his son’s enrollment, Eden offers school presentations regularly upon request. We believe it’s important to take part in educating our communities on the nature of “pests” and the difference between “good bugs” and “bad bugs.”

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