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Eden’s Top 5 Summer Pest Control Blog Posts!

Summer time (Algarve)

With outdoor activities, barbeques and traveling, activities that attract pests, summer is a busy time for Washington and Oregon pest management companies. Summer is also the time when readers flock to Eden’s blog when they need tips about repelling and reducing their exposure to summer pests. The following is a look at Eden’s most popular summertime pest control blog posts. Check them out for your Oregon and Washington pest management needs.

  • Natural Pest Control Tips for Spiders: Hate spiders and chemical pesticides? This post offers a variety of ways to repel and eliminate spiders naturally using ingredients like salty water or aromatic essential oils.
  • Summer Party Lighting: How to Discourage Outdoor Pests from Swarming: Some pests think your deck lights are an open invitation to loiter on your property. This post discusses simple ways to illuminate the outside areas of your home and keep bugs at bay.
  • 3 Signs Your Hotel Room May Have Bed Bugs: The first thing you should do when you check into a hotel, regardless of the number of star or diamond ratings it has, look for these warning signs. One hitchhiker in your luggage can bring you weeks of frustration when you return home.
  • A Wasp, a Bee, or a Hornet? It Makes a Difference: Not all yellow and black flying insects are the same. Learn the difference between bees, yellow jackets, hornets and wasps so you know when to be concerned.
  • 5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay: Mosquitoes can do more than make you itch. Those that carry the West Nile virus can make you sick. Learn how to repel mosquitoes so you can enjoy the outdoors in peace.

Quick Tips for Summer Pest Control

  • Use essential peppermint oil as a natural repellent to keep a variety of pests away, including mice, spiders and mosquitoes.
  • Seal entry points into your home so bugs can’t crawl through them.
  • Keep your yard manicured, mowed and weeded.
  • Avoid leaving pools of water around your property and regularly refresh the water in the birdbath.
  • Use lids on all your trash containers.
  • Use screens with open windows and doors.
  • Keep your kitchen and floors clean.

If you have problematic pests this summer, contact Eden for a free inspection.

[ Photo by: Tiago J.G. Fernandes, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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