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Eden’s Southern Oregon Branch News: Meet Wiley Sanders!

Wiley SandersIn a recent post, you learned about the Eden family, the secret to our success. Today, we want to introduce you to Wiley Sanders, a technician on our southern Oregon pest management team. May of our pest control experts are active members of their community, and Wiley sets the standard. Not only does he go above and beyond in the Oregon pest control field, he’s deeply dedicated to local community involvement.

A Heart for Youth and Those Who Need a Hand

When you ask Wiley about his idea of a good time, he’ll tell you that he gets a kick out of mentoring teens. In February 2015, he served as a chaperone when Emmanuel Baptist Church took a group of teens from Coquille and Myrtle Point to Sunriver, OR. The group rented a cabin in Sunriver and took the youth to Mount Bachelor to play in the snow and slide down hills on inner tubes. Since the snow levels were lower this year, Wiley led a hiking expedition to check out the old local lava flows.

Wiley and his wife, Jil, are involved in their own children’s activities, too. Their youngest is on Coquille High School’s speech and debate team. Wiley serves as a judge during speech and debate tournaments, stating, “Jil and I believe speech and debate helps the kids learn how to speak publicly, prepare assignments, research topics, and develop a world knowledge.”

In his spare time, Wiley takes the time to help those who need an extra hand. He regularly helps a widow, and recently cleaned the gutters on her home. In addition to serving youth, Wiley says that he has a heart for the elderly.

Employees like Wiley are what make our Oregon pest control teams exceptional. The dedication in their personal lives influences their professional values. When you need pest control services, contact Eden and get the five-star experience for yourself.

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