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Eden’s Guide to Spider Pest Management

spider web by cybershotking, on Flickr.comSpiders—whether you don’t mind them or hate them, most people agree that they don’t want them in their homes. Spider control is a task that you can take into your own hands using the following guide that Eden’s Oregon and Washington pest management experts put together.

Spider Identification

Washington and Oregon spider control begins with identification so you know about the type of arachnid with which you’re dealing. In addition to their looks, you can identify a spider by things like its web, eggs and behavior.

Check out Eden’s spider identification guide.

If you think that a spider on your property may be poisonous leave the spider control to Washington and Oregon pest management experts. If you’re not sure if a spider is dangerous, Eden will identify it free of charge.

Oregon and Washington Spider Control: Prevention    

The best way to control spiders is to prevent them from coming into your home. Spiders enter homes for a few of reasons:

  1. Your home has a good source of food (i.e., insects).
  2. Your home seems hospitable (i.e., you don’t destroy spider webs when you see them).
  3. They want a cozy place to stay during the winter. 

To keep spiders out of your home, try these simple home maintenance and prevention tips.

Natural Spider Control

Washington and Oregon pest management experts warn that general pesticides may be ineffective against spiders and they may end up doing more harm to you and your family. Prevent and control spiders naturally with ingredients you may already have in your kitchen, such as salt, water, coconut oil, vinegar or essential oil.

Check out this post to find natural recipes to use in your home against spiders.

For long-term spider control and treatment, get in touch with the experts at Eden Pest. They can recommend personalized tips to make your home seem less attractive. Eden also offers ongoing and species-specific services that prevent and target spiders.

Contact Eden to learn more and to schedule a free inspection.

[ Photo by: cybershotking, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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