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Eden Pest Knows Bugs: Did You Know the First “Superinsect” was Reported 100 Years Ago?

In 1914, entomologist A.L. Melander with the Washington Agricultural Experiment Station wrote about “superinsects” in his essay “Can Insects Become Resistant to Sprays?” It’s considered the first published article of its kind to discuss insect resistance to pesticides. Washington pest control experts state that Melander found that some insects became less affected to sulpher-lime after improper treatments.

Washington Pest Management: Why Chemicals Aren’t Always the Answer

Melander found that sulpher-lime was once effective at killing scale insects in an experiment conducted in Wawawai, Washington. He reported that when scientists conducted the same experiment in Clarkston, 90 percent of the insects survived. After increasing the active ingredient ten-fold, 74 percent of the bugs still survived, making them “superinsects.”

What is a ‘Superinsect’?

Green pest control specialists explain that some type of insects become resistant to toxins or pesticides when the chemicals are applied incorrectly. Instead of being toxic, incorrectly applied pesticides allow certain insects to build up an immunity or resistance.

In the article, Melander predicted that an insect population would not become resistant to a toxin if some non-resistant insects survived because they’d pass on their genetic information (i.e., the genes that made them non-resistant to a pesticide) to the next generations.

Eden Pest believes that green pest control methods are more effective than general insecticides. The pest management methods that the technicians use are targeted and the safest choices for your family and the Earth. Contact Eden Pest for your Washington pest control needs.

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