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Eden Offers Nuisance Weed and Vegetation Management Services

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Eden Advanced Pest Technologies offers residential and commercial customers the convenience of nuisance weed and vegetation management.  

For our residential customers, Eden offers the ability to add bark bed weed maintenance to their service program. This service compliments their enhanced service program that is designed to protect the home owners’ property from NW pests like ants, rodents, spiders and wasps. We do this by using a combination of pre-emergent and post emergent products designed to eliminate the visual weeds and prevent new ones from occurring. In sensitive areas limited hand pulling of the weeds can also be incorporated into the service.

For our commercial customers along with IPM, bedbug, LEED and other comprehensive pest management plans, we also offer various weed management programs ranging from bark bed weed maintenance similar to the residential program to complete brush removal. Call one of our service experts at 1-800-401-9935 for more information about any of Eden services.

[ Photo by: DennisM2, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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