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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Take a Bite Out of Your Summer Fun

mosquito outsideWith summer in full swing, the West Nile virus already found its way to the Northwest. Oregon and Washington pest management companies report that mosquitoes carrying the virus infected people in southwestern Idaho. Professionals trapped infected mosquitoes at the Oregon State line in early July 2015. The mosquito-borne chikungunya virus has also made its way to the U.S. with 224 reported cases as of July 14, 2015. According to experts in pest management, Oregon residents and those throughout the Northwest can control mosquitoes with the right preventive steps.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

When a mosquito bites, there’s a good chance that it only travelled 500 feet to feast on you. Females are the only mosquitoes that bite because they need protein to lay eggs. It’s not unusual for a mosquito to lay millions of eggs in several different locations. Eggs can lie dormant through the winter and hatch when the weather warms.

Female mosquitoes find their victims using the antennas on their heads, which detect different odors. The favorite odor is the smell of carbon dioxide. They also like smell of bacteria and sweat on your skin.

Mosquito Pest Control Tips

  • Avoid being outside when mosquitoes are the most active—at dawn and dusk
  • When outside, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants that fit loosely
  • Keep clean and wash yourself with antibacterial soap before going outside
  • Eliminate all sources of standing water such as clogged rain gutters, fountains without a pump, and anywhere water can pool (e.g. old tires, tarps and bottle caps)
  • Use larvicide that’s safe for the environment in areas where mosquitoes breed
  • Use a DEET-based mosquito repellent on exposed skin while outside
  • Cover outdoor garbage cans with lids
  • Regularly refresh the water in birdbaths
  • Plant mosquito-repelling herbs and flowers in your yard

Controlling mosquitoes is more about protecting your health than preventing an annoyance. Eden, a Washington and Oregon pest control company, is happy to help you keep mosquitoes at bay with its Advance Mosquito Control Program. Call today to learn more. 

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