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Customer Service vs. Technology – We’re Raising the Bar

As the dust settles on the introduction of handheld telephone devices (introduced in January 2009) in the field, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of adding this new technology.  Certainly there will be efficiencies in operations gained, and it will make us greener as we reduce paper use.  However, a primary purpose of this technology is to make us closer and more valuable to our customers by enabling us to communicate more and better information quicker and more efficiently.  We have the ability to email them pictures to show what is happening around their property, email personal notes about what was done, with the addition of the devices feature, we can give them pest history. I believe this is just the beginning.  I would like to see us get beyond the basics and challenge the technology to help us deliver something special for our customers by keeping them informed, and building trust and showing them we care.  We will be forming a quality committee that will be tasked to, among other things, do just that.


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