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Response Plan

Be Ready When Bed Bugs Strike

The number of Bed Bug infestations are increasing rapidly across the U.S., with Hospitality and Property Management Industries facing the most detrimental effects — lawsuits and loss of business. In response to this Bed Bug crisis Eden Advanced Pest Technologies has developed a comprehensive plan to keep you and your customers protected.


Protocol Development:

Plan of action, designed according to the needs and functions of your facility and staff


Staff Training:

  • 2.5 hour Bed Bug presentation
  • Identification of Bed Bug life stages
  • Specimen Collection to serve as ID tools
  • Bed Bug training posters for staff areas
  • How to report activity and communicate with guests or tenants (based on company protocol developed prior to training)


Development of Site Specific Treatments:

  • Communication protocol
  • Pre-treatment protocol
  • Preferred treatment method
  • Post-treatment protocol


Monitoring For Activity:

(monitoring options vary per facility)

  • Visual inspection procedures
  • Climb Up interceptors under bed legs
  • Bed Bug Beacon CO2 monitor
  • Bed Bug Detection System
  • Bed Bug detection dogs
  • CDC 3000 Monitor


Preventative Inspections:

  • Regular inspections to inspect and replace, as necessary, monitors
  • Inspection of areas where activity may have been reported or suspected
  • Detailed reports and records on all inspections
  • Discounted rate for any required treatments

Computer-based record-keeping and database services for treatment history, findings and recommendations.

Be Proactive! Be Prepared! Be Protected!

For a printable version of Eden’s Bed Bug Response Plan, please click here.