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Commercial Pest Management: Creating a Bed Bug Response Plan

Seattle SheratonMany hotels and rental properties across the country have suffered bed bug infestations in the past couple of years, and it’s not only lowbrow establishments that have had to call for bed bug pest control. Indeed, even that paragon of elegance and luxury, the Waldorf Astoria, has been sued for bed bug damages.

Those who provide commercial pest control services can tell you that bed bugs know no economic class, creed or skin color; they are happy to suck on the blood of any human. They are also happy to hitchhike their way into any hotel or apartment. Indeed, all a bed bug family needs to thrive is a dark place to hide during the day and an unwitting human host to attack at night.

Bed bug pest control experts attest that bed bugs can catch a ride on luggage, backpacks or even clothing. Indeed, any fabric may play home to a bed bug. For that reason, nearly all modes of transportation can harbor these tiny vampires. Seats in buses, cars, taxi cabs, airplanes, light rail trains and even limos can become holding grounds for bed bugs, which jump from person to person until they find a good wall or baseboard to hide in. For a bed bug, any traveler is a vehicle that can take them to juicy new hunting grounds. Because hotels and apartments see so many newcomers and travelers, they are ripe for bed bug infestations.

Importance of Devising a Bed Bug Response Plan

A bed bug infestation is bad news for business. Guests will avoid hotels they believe have had problems with bed bug pest control. Moreover, disgruntled guests may sue a hotel for damages if they encounter an infestation. Rental properties face similar challenges. Renters will actively avoid any property they believe may have fallen victim to bed bugs.

Because these outcomes can be so toxic to business success, commercial pest control services recommend designing and implementing a bed bug response plan as soon as possible. It’s more cost-efficient to proactively attack the problem of bed bugs, rather than wait until an infestation has already popped up in your facility. A bed bug pest control expert can identify problematic areas on your property so you and your staff can quickly squash any invasion.

What to Include in Your Bed Bug Response Plan

It’s a good idea to hire a commercial pest management expert to help you devise a bed bug response plan. Commercial pest control services can quickly highlight areas where bed bugs are likely to lurk. They can also help you create the following components of a bed bug pest control plan:

Site-specific treatment methods. A commercial pest management partner can help you decide which bed bug pest control techniques will work best for your facility. As your bed bug response plan is being drafted, you can solidify protocols for communicating with your bed bug pest control partner. This is also the time to settle on pre- and post-treatment protocols, as well as preferred treatment methods. 

Staff training. Commercial pest control services can train your staff on what bed bugs look like at various stages of development. Staffers can also be trained on how to report a bed bug infestation and how to communicate with guests about bed bugs. Many bed bug pest control services will even deliver educational bed bug posters to be displayed in staff areas. If your staff is trained on bed bug protocol, any infestations can be handled quickly and effectively.

Ongoing preventative inspections. Ensure that your bed bug pest control plan includes regular inspections. Visual inspections of bed bug-prone areas are a good starting point. Some commercial pest management companies also use specially trained bed bug dogs to sniff out infestations. Finally, bed bug pest control professionals can install climb-up interceptors on bed legs to prevent bed bugs that do appear from feeding.

Bed bug record keeping. Progressive bed bug pest control firms include careful record keeping in their commercial pest control services. Tracking bed bug treatments and infestation patterns helps pest control experts streamline future services.

By creating and implementing a response plan, you can feel confident that even if a bed bug infestation does hit your property, business will continue as usual.

[ Photo by prayitno, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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