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Commercial Pest Management Companies: What to Look for, What to Expect

When the presence of insects or other pests is negatively impacting your business, it’s hard to know how to choose a commercial pest management company. After all, selecting commercial pest control services is generally not covered in business courses. And although you might normally take your time scouting out vendors, commercial pest management isn’t something that can wait.

If rodents or other pests are bugging your employees or customers, you don’t have time to put together a committee to research best practices for pest control. Commercial pest control selection can’t take days or weeks – it has to happen as quickly as possible.

To help you quickly handle a commercial pest management emergency, we’ve assembled this industry-specific list of what to look for when selecting among commercial pest control services.

Hospital and Care Facilities

You can’t risk having bugs or critters in your facilities – they put patients’ lives at risk. One effective approach to controlling pests in hospitals and care facilities is to first ensure there’s a tight perimeter around the building; this is sometimes called Physical Exclusion. Next, a good pest management partner should improve sanitation conditions and help increase awareness in sensitive areas of your facilities. Finally, a healthcare commercial pest management firm should have good references in the industry.

Food Processing Operations

HACCP… AIB… FDA… It seems there’s no end to the regulating rules and agencies overseeing food processing operations. Not that you’d have it any other way for your customers – finding a pest in one of your products would not only be bad for business, but it could pose a major health risk. Clearly, you need a commercial pest management organization with plenty of experience. Additionally, to bring you and your employees peace of mind, choose a company that can work with your bar code system and provide online reporting. Regular quality audits and inspections are also key.

Dairies and Ranches

The diseases that mosquitoes, flies and other pests carry can be fatal for your livestock. To protect your four-legged assets, choose commercial pest control services that can help you minimize the populations of these flying insects. Lastly, avoid tainting your animals with toxic chemicals – find a commercial pest management vendor that uses earth-friendly Integrated Pest Management methods.

Educational Institutions

Especially considering how much time students spend at school, it’s important to create a clean, safe learning environment. Schools can suffer infestations of rats and nuisance birds, in addition to the bugs kids always seem to be passing around. It’s important to choose a commercial pest management company that can act quickly, since pests can carry dangerous diseases including the Hanta virus. One last tip: As research has shown a connection between the presence of allergens (such as rodent feces) and childhood-onset asthma, it’s key to schedule ongoing quality assurance evaluations. A pest-free school is a healthy school.

Property Management

When a pest problem earns you a panicky midnight phone call from a tenant, you’ll understand why it’s best to choose a commercial pest control company that keeps the channels of communication open 24 hours a day. If you’re hoping to earn LEED certification for your building, it’s wise to choose a green pest control company that can help you earn LEED points.

Bio Tech

A single pest in the wrong place could mean the end of your whole operation. Bio tech facilities must uphold strict hygiene standards to ensure accurate experiment outcomes. Look for a pest control provider that can both exclude pests from your facility and help you eliminate areas where pests like to hide.

Government Facilities

Especially for those who are elected to office, it’s important to choose a commercial pest control company whose methods are ethical, honest and sustainable for the environment. Ideally, your pest control partner should also be able to communicate effectively with your staff, clients and the public. Finally, choose a firm that uses only EPA-registered materials.           


Just one rodent or bug can wreck a restaurant or hotel’s reputation. Look for an efficient, effective pest control vendor that can help you sail through regulatory assessments.

Finally, depending on your corporate culture, you may want to look for green pest control. Commercial organizations here in the Northwest are often environmentally conscientious; such firms may prefer earth-friendly commercial pest control services over traditional “spray and pray” exterminators, who often use heavy amounts of toxic chemicals.

[ photo by: Ted Percival ]

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