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Checking Your Attic for Evidence of Rodents

We always like to remind homeowners that prevention is the key to organic pest control and this includes frequent “wellness” visits to your attic and crawlspace. Often we receive calls from customers who have extensive damage and they didn’t know it was going on because the space was inaccessible for a time or they had difficulty reaching “dead spaces” in their home. In the Seattle and Portland area, where homes were built in tight spaces, this can be especially true.

So what can you do if you’re dedicated to organic pest control methods? Look! If you can, clear the route to crawlspaces and attics and peek inside. Do you see destroyed insulation? Insulation that is hanging down can be an indicator of a rampant rodent problem and warrants immediate investigation. In the Seattle and Portland area, this can also be detrimental to your energy bill.

An odor recognizable as a bio-contaminant could also be a sign of a pest problem, be it rodent urine or the smell of the rodents decomposing. We have organic solutions for these odors but we ultimately like to solve the root of the problem (the infestation) while controlling the symptoms in the short-run. Often, this odor is detectable upon opening of the unused space.

Rodent droppings can also give away an active rodent infestation. In the Seattle and Portland area, rodents are often driven inside at specific times of year – so a spring check may find nothing, but in the middle of January, you may find fresh droppings aplenty. For those of us who practice organic pest control these droppings by themselves, without any other evidence, may be the first indication to an infestation in its early stages. This is the easiest time to solve a pest problem.

As always, if you ever find evidence of an infestation and have further questions you can call us at 1.800.401.9935. We’re here with answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.

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