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‘Tis the Season for Rat Infestations

Winter in Olympia, WA brings with it a wide range of rodent problems, including rats. The large, crafty rat is adept at sneaking inside your home through entrances like tiny holes, worn building materials and even sewer pipes. Like other mammals, rats seek food and shelter indoors when frigid temperatures hit. You probably don’t want rats crashing your holiday parties, so you should obtain professional rodent removal services as soon as you notice signs that these pesky critters have invaded your space. Listed below are obvious clues that it’s time to call your local rat exterminating professional at Eden Pest

Signs of a Rat Problem

  • The most obvious and disturbing sign of a rat infestation is the presence of a live or dead rat. Rats are nocturnal, so you are more likely to see a live rat scurrying around at nighttime. When populations become large, rats are forced out into the open. Unfortunately, if you see one rat, he probably has a few relatives hiding nearby.
  • Damage to your home’s exterior at potential entry points could point to a rat problem, especially if you see chewed areas or an obvious hole in material that was previously stable.
  • Dirt or grease marks along your walls and floorboards and chewed plastic or wood also indicate the presence of rats. It’s not unusual to see a small pile of wood chips near a door or other wooden structure that has been targeted.
  • Rat droppings are usually the first sign of a rat problem. Fresh droppings are pellet-shaped and dark brown or black. Older droppings are crumbly and gray. You may find them in dark corners or around baseboards.
  • Scratching or scurrying sounds that emanate from your walls, your basement or your attic are usually due to rats or mice. You may also hear squeaking or chewing sounds at night.
  • Rat urine has a distinct, musky odor that is usually concentrated near nesting areas. The odor of a decomposing rat that has died inside a wall is quite unpleasant.
  • Contamination of food stores may occur if rats gain access to your pantry. Holes chewed in food boxes are a tell-tale sign of rodent invasion.

Get Affordable Rodent Removal in Olympia, WA

If you see, hear, smell or even just fear a rat invasion, it’s time to get help. For the best results, schedule an inspection from one of the professionals here at Eden Pest Control. We have a proven track record in handling rodent infestations using highly effective methods that present less risk to your health and the environment. Don’t let rats take over. Contact Eden Pest today. 

Eden’s Southern Oregon Branch News: Meet Wiley Sanders!

Wiley SandersIn a recent post, you learned about the Eden family, the secret to our success. Today, we want to introduce you to Wiley Sanders, a technician on our southern Oregon pest management team. May of our pest control experts are active members of their community, and Wiley sets the standard. Not only does he go above and beyond in the Oregon pest control field, he’s deeply dedicated to local community involvement.

A Heart for Youth and Those Who Need a Hand

When you ask Wiley about his idea of a good time, he’ll tell you that he gets a kick out of mentoring teens. In February 2015, he served as a chaperone when Emmanuel Baptist Church took a group of teens from Coquille and Myrtle Point to Sunriver, OR. The group rented a cabin in Sunriver and took the youth to Mount Bachelor to play in the snow and slide down hills on inner tubes. Since the snow levels were lower this year, Wiley led a hiking expedition to check out the old local lava flows.

Wiley and his wife, Jil, are involved in their own children’s activities, too. Their youngest is on Coquille High School’s speech and debate team. Wiley serves as a judge during speech and debate tournaments, stating, “Jil and I believe speech and debate helps the kids learn how to speak publicly, prepare assignments, research topics, and develop a world knowledge.”

In his spare time, Wiley takes the time to help those who need an extra hand. He regularly helps a widow, and recently cleaned the gutters on her home. In addition to serving youth, Wiley says that he has a heart for the elderly.

Employees like Wiley are what make our Oregon pest control teams exceptional. The dedication in their personal lives influences their professional values. When you need pest control services, contact Eden and get the five-star experience for yourself.

Keeping Your Own Personal Eden Pest-Free [Infographic]

In our first Eden culture infographic, you learned about the Eden family and the values of our Oregon and Washington pest control offices. Today, we highlight some of the commercial industries that Eden serves and the pest control service offered to commercial and residential clients.

Eden is about more than just pest control and prevention. We focus on integrated pest management, which includes client education, habitat monitoring and the use of the least toxic treatments available. We believe that client communication and education is essential to successful Washington and Oregon pest control. Check out the infographic to learn more about our Natural Choice Program, Eden’s Enhanced Service Program, and our residential and commercial pest management strategies.

Eden's infographic on "Keeping your own Personal Eden Pest-Free"

The Eden Family Does it Right [Infographic]

At Eden, we are a big family. In addition to being a family-oriented Oregon and Washington pest management company, we started out as a small family business. Now that we’ve grown, we continue to operate as a family throughout our various locations in the Pacific Northwest.  

What makes us a family? The values and qualities that define us and make us successful. Our technicians are active in the areas they serve, as they regularly volunteer and do community outreach. When you work with us, we treat your home or commercial building with as much care as treat our own. Because pest management can sometimes seem stressful, Eden makes the process less overwhelming with proactive environmentally conscious and innovative solutions.

The following infographic gives you a look at the Eden approach to Washington and Oregon pest management. Learn about the causes that we support around the world and in our own communities, as well as why our clients continue to be happy.

infographic from eden advanced pest technologies

Meet our Family of Professionals: Janie Strachan, Corporate Billing Specialist

Janie Strachan, Eden Pest EmployeeWe are so proud of all of our team members and are excited to share more about what makes them great!

Meet Janie Strachan, Eden’s billing services coordinator! Janie has been working with Eden’s main office staff since December 2011, providing high quality service to our customers. Here is what Janie has to say about her experience with Eden so far:

“I was new to pest control when starting at Eden, but I have been working in accounting for ten years now! (That makes me sound so old!! Haha). I love my job because I am doing something I love with the support of a great team! I like the constant, fast paced work load and being challenged to grow and take on more responsibilities.”

We think that Janie is wonderful and wanted to share what some of her teammates think about her:

  • “Janie is just a sweetheart.  Super animated and a joy to have in the office.  She works her tail off and it shows.  Always happy to answer questions, even when she doesn’t know the answer.  I think she really shows what hard work is all about, and still manages to keep a smile on her face.”
  • “Janie is amazing! She is thoughtful, caring, and always thinks positive (maybe because she has six kids!).  I love how no matter how busy she is she always has a smile and kind word for all of us. J She is always willing to get things done and help in any way with everything.  Janie is someone that is a natural leader and doesn’t make you feel inferior when helping correct or fix a mistake– even though she is clearly better with numbers! (haha) I could go on forever, but she is simply an asset to Eden!”
  • “This will be my 2nd year working with Janie S.  Janie is not only a joy to work with; she strives to complete her assignments with accuracy so Eden’s customers are billed properly.  She has such focus and amazing attention to detail. She reviews customer invoices and documents for clarity and good information.”
  • “Janie is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas toward customer service and communicates the customer benefits.  She came to Eden with more than 10 years of experience in accounting, but is extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company; such as internal newsletters, creates dialog around colleague motivation, customer engagement, company innovation, and ways to improve processes to make Eden more efficient. Janie lives the Eden pledge every day and we are very happy to have her on our team!”

 Find out more about Janie and our other amazing pest management staff here.

Bizarre Mating Behavior from the Pest World


Courtship ideas are everywhere during the Valentine’s Day season: Buy a box of chocolates, give a lovey-dovey card and go out for dinner. Of course humans aren’t the only species in the animal kingdom to participate in strange rituals when it comes to attracting a mate and procreating. Here’s a look at some of the more interesting mating behaviors from the pests you love to hate:                             


American cockroaches do a special dance to attract each other. Female roaches make the first move by spreading their wings to show off their “assets” in what’s known as the calling position. While in this position, the female releases pheromones. In response, male roaches flap their wings as if to say, “Hey, baby, I like what I see.” Then the mating begins.

Spiders and flies also do special dances to attract female callers.


When it comes to rodent control, Portland experts must understand mating habits in order to prevent outbreaks. When there’s a large rat population, a male rat has a harem-like group of female rats, a “burrow,” that it defends from other male rats. However, when populations are low, male rats don’t protect the female burrows, and female rats have several mates. Knowing about this behavior helps Portland rodent control experts remedy infestations in homes and neighborhoods.

Romantic Rhythms

Crickets and fruit flies sing to attract mates. To show their affection for each other, mosquitoes sing harmonic duets together.

Sweet Gestures

Some female insects can’t resist gifts. The male hangingfly, for example, presents his sweetie with captured prey to show his interest. Male balloon flies wrap their captured prey in silk balloons.

Brute Force

Among the most unromantic pests are bed bugs. Mating between bed bugs is an aggressive experience, as males puncture the abdomens of the females to fertilize eggs. Not hot.

While the romantic rituals of the animal kingdom make for interesting conversation, knowing about them helps pest experts control and prevent infestations. To learn more about pest management, Portland residents can call Eden Pest for free information and a home inspection.

[ Photo by: PERSPECTIV!, on Flickr, via CC License ]

Spider Folktales from around the World

The Spider Woman

Spiders – they are relatively small, mostly harmless and have always played a big role in folktales and myths across the ages. From Greek mythology to Spider-Man, spiders have made important cultural contributions around the world.

Ancient Egypt: The goddess Neith was associated with spiders because she was a spinner and weaver of destiny.

Greek mythology: Arachne believed she was a better weaver than the goddess Athena and challenged her to a weaving competition. Athena conceded that Arachne’s weaving was superior and destroyed Arachne’s weaving materials in anger. Arachne became so distraught that she hung herself. Athena brought the weaver back to life in the form of a spider out of pity.

Islamic tradition: When the Prophet Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakr hid in a cave, a spider and a dove constructed a web and nest to hide and protect the two.

Torah: Before David became the King of Israel, King Saul’s soldiers pursued him. When David hid in a cave, a spider spun a large web over its entrance. When the soldiers saw the undisturbed web, they figured no one could be inside the cave.

African folklore: The spider Anansi is a trickster god.

Hopi creation story: The Spider Woman is the goddess of the earth who, along with the sun god Tawa, created the first beings.

Cherokee folklore: Grandmother Spider brought light into the world by capturing the sun.

Eugene Pest Control: Spiders

It is one thing to read and hear about arachnids in stories, but having them alive in your home is an entirely different matter. Most spiders are beneficial pests that prey upon other unwanted insects, like mosquitoes and flies. However, when it comes to spiders, pest control, Eugene homes and your health, always call an expert if you suspect a poisonous spider (such as a black widow, hobo spider, brown recluse or yellow sac spider) is in your home. Also, call in a Eugene pest control service if you think you have a spider infestation, because this could be a sign of an underlying pest problem.

Eden’s Enhanced Service Program includes a bi-monthly “spider sweep” for year-round spider prevention. Our green pest control techniques will help control the spiders around your home and deter them from rebuilding their webs. Call today for a free inspection.

[ Photo by: Double–M, on Flickr, via CC License ]

Bird Abatement: Six Different Approaches to Bird Pest Control

Jesus Pigeons

Bird pest control is a tricky proposition. Despite the growing nuisance bird populations in urban areas, there are many laws in place that protect birds in the U.S., which means it’s illegal to simply exterminate them. This forces bird abatement professionals to get creative about how we deal with these property-damaging pests.

Here at Eden, we use a variety of custom bird pest control techniques that are not only legal but affordable, humane, safe for both humans and animals, and astonishingly effective. Here’s a look at the six primary tactics we employ:

1. Netting. Bird netting is one of the most effective – and cost-effective – methods of bird pest control. When professionally installed around vulnerable areas of your home or business, netting can safely and harmlessly repel birds from your property. And because it’s virtually invisible unless you’re close up, it won’t interfere with your building’s architectural features or style.

2. Spikes. Bird abatement spikes are often used in conjunction with netting. They can be placed on windows, balconies, pipes or ledges to prevent birds of any kind from landing or nesting in unwanted areas. They can also be used to protect external equipment such as air conditioners, security cameras, lights and alarm systems. Again, these are virtually invisible once installed.

3. Electric shock strips. When placed in common roosting areas, shock strips deliver a harmless jolt to birds, which conditions them not to land there.

4. Visual repellants. Visual devices – such as owl or coyote decoys – may also be employed to make birds feel unsafe around your property.

5. Chemical repellants. For a more persistent bird abatement problem, a variety of non-toxic chemical repellants are available.

6. Trapping. Finally, in some cases trapping and removal of birds from your property may be necessary. Here at Eden, we carefully follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding bird trapping and removal.

[ Photo by: BinaryApe, on Flickr, via CC License ]

Seattle Pest Control Debate: Do Rain Gardens Promote Pests?

Rain garden

A rain garden is a depressed area of planted land that allows rainwater runoff to soak into the dirt instead of running into storm drains or other sources of water. The goal of a rain garden is to help reduce the amount of pollution in nearby creeks, streams, river or other bodies of water. Experts recommend using native plants in rain gardens because they’ll thrive the best without fertilizer.

One of the best-known rain garden projects in Seattle is SEA Street, which helped reduce the amount of storm water in the street by 98 percent. Hoping to achieve the same results, the Westwood and Sunshine Heights neighborhoods are starting their own rain garden projects. The main concern, however, is a repeat of the botched rain garden in nearby Ballard, which experienced an infestation of rodents, mosquitoes and other pests. In their best efforts to practice pest control, Seattle Public Utilities workers had to regularly vacuum freestanding water out of the failed garden.

There’s no doubt that rain gardens offer many environmental benefits, but it’s important to understand the potential challenges, as well, such as the increased need for pest control Seattle residents faced. To learn more about rain gardens, begin by considering the following benefits and disadvantages.

Rain Garden Pros

  • Reduce water pollution in nearby bodies of water.
  • Reduce rainwater runoff in the streets.
  • The garden filters water before it reaches the groundwater system.
  • More vegetation in urban areas.
  • They attract native wildlife (like birds).

Rain Garden Cons

  • They can attract pests (like rodents, raccoons, opossums and insects).
  • Rain gardens that don’t drain correctly can create stagnant pools of water that many pests like.
  • Enough pooled water in such a garden can pose a drowning hazard.
  • Failed rain gardens can lower property values.

To make a viable and successful rain garden, you must have a good understanding of the area’s geography and groundwater. Then, it’s important to perform extensive tests to make sure the water drains as expected. As an extra measure to prevent the appearance of critters, it’s vital to keep the rain garden free of any type of trash, including food.

For concerns about pest control, Seattle residents should contact their local pest management pros.

[ Photo by: ibm4381, on Flickr, via CC License ]

3 Reasons We Love Bed Bugs

At Eden, our job is to eliminate bed bugs. So why do we love them so much? The answer is simple: The challenges of bed bug pest control has helped our local pest control company – and many others – develop safer and more effective ways to control pests. While nobody wants to deal with bed bugs, Seattle pest control experts can agree those stubborn little buggers have helped advance our industry in ways we never would have imagined.

Why We ♥ Bed Bugs

1. Awareness. When it comes to bed bugs, Seattle residents used to immediately turn to the most potent insecticide available to eliminate them. But thanks to these hard-to-kill pests, which have become resistant to many chemicals, more people now know that non-chemical pest control methods are safer and more effective.

2. Inspiring cleanliness. Cleanliness is one of the major components of bed bug pest control and prevention. Vacuuming regularly and keeping your home clean makes it unattractive to the bugs that bite at night, as well as other insects and rodents. Bed bugs have inspired many Seattle residents to be more careful about how they treat their living environment.

Request a Free Consultation From our Seattle Bed Bug Team

3. Advancing technologies. Bed bugs naturally resist insecticides. Consequently, entomologists (bug professionals) have developed new methods for bed bug pest control. For example, you’ve probably heard of drug-sniffing dogs. Now there are bed bug-sniffing dogs that can find the source of an infestation in your home in a way that’s more accurate and faster than ever before. Additionally, scientists have discovered that bed bugs can’t stand heat; instead of using poisons, your local pest control company can use heat treatment technologies that kill the bugs while keeping your home toxin-free.

Sometimes it takes a battle with an enemy to make amazing discoveries and prompt good habits. Instead of cursing bed bugs, Seattle pest technicians at Eden appreciate them for helping us become better at our jobs.