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Pests in Your Insulation? We Can Help with That!

 HVAC crawl space

A crawlspace is one of the least desirable places of a home, and for good reason. They’re often barely large enough for a human crawl into and Washington pest control experts share that crawlspaces can be the ideal habitat for critters. While you may not want to think about what lurks beneath their floorboards, having a residential pest control service inspect the space may save you money and headaches if they’re able to catch a problem early.

Washington Pest Management Services ask, ‘What’s in Your Crawlspace?’

Crawlspaces contain beams, vents, pipes and ductwork. Most importantly, the space has insulation in it that keeps your home energy-efficient and prevents the growth of mold. When pests invade your crawlspace and get into the insulation, they may nest in it, chew it up, breed or attract more pests.

The best thing to do when you discover an infestation is call a residential pest control service like Eden. In addition to harboring diseases in their saliva, dander, urine or feces, pests in crawlspaces and insulation may bite you. This is bad news if the pests are poisonous spiders or snakes. Other pests that you may find under your home include mice, rats, rabbits, birds, raccoons, ants and bees. Leave the hard work to experts who can safely control an infestation using green techniques, restore the damaged parts of your home and prevent a future infestation.

How Eden Pest Can Help

Eden recently partnered with Clean Crawls, a local company that specializes in the weatherization and restoration of attics and crawlspaces. When there’s damage to your insulation due to pests or you think critters may live under your home, call Eden right away. The Washington pest control service will help you with your pest problem and then enlist Clean Crawl’s services to restore the damaged parts of your home. 

Call Eden today to learn more about its partnership with Clean Crawl and to schedule a free inspection. 


[ Photo by: Jesus Rodriguez , on Flickr, via CC License ]

Eden Pest Knows Bugs: Yellow Jackets Build New Nests Every Year

Yellow Jackets Nesting _edit

Talk about your fickle homeowners. Yellow jacket queens spend each spring scouting-out new nesting locations – under the ground, up in trees or around your home’s eaves and porches. Once these ‘foundresses’ find the perfect spot, they begin building this year’s new home and lay eggs. At the end of the summer, the nest is abandoned and the colony of yellow jackets dies off. New queens are the only members of a colony that lives through the winter in most cases.

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[ Photo by: Peter Sheik, on Flickr, via CC License ]