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Camping Pest Control Tips

Camping is one of the most relaxing activities you can enjoy during the summer months. But outdoor pests like mosquitoes and gnats can quickly turn a fun camping trip into a miserable nightmare. The following are five simple pest management methods you can use while camping to fight off the outdoor nuisances.

Keep a Tidy Campground

Flies, ants, gnats and many other outdoor pests love human food. If you want to prevent these guys from invading your campsite, keep food in airtight containers and clean up any messes as soon as they occur.

Build a Fire

Smoke from burning firewood is a natural pest control method. Having a small fire burning regularly will help deter many flying pests, like gnats and mosquitoes. It also adds a rugged, outdoorsy smell to your camping clothes.

Wear Insect Repellent

The most reliable outdoor pest control solution is to wear insect repellent. You can’t always keep pests away from your campsite, but you can surely keep them from crawling on and biting your skin.

Camp Away from Standing Water

Most outdoor pests love warm, standing water. If you’re camping near a lake or slow-moving river, make sure you set up camp a considerable distance from pools.

Bring a Bug Zapper

If you’re camping with an RV or near an electrical outlet, consider bringing an electric bug zapper. They are quite effective at pest control for flying pests, but keep in mind that they can be very loud and obnoxious. If you have neighbors in your campsite, however, you may want to forgo the zapper and stick with more natural pest management methods.

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