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Books & Bed Bugs: Pests Invading Libraries around the U.S.

Library Bookshelf

When businesses plan for disasters, they often consider hurricanes, earthquakes, fires or floods – not bed bugs, which are causing libraries around the country to close their doors. The occurrence of bed bugs in public places is a growing trend, and an infestation can shut down operations for several days while a pest control service deals with the problem.

While it can seem unusual for bed bugs to appear in a place full of books, it makes sense. The pests are hitchhikers that travel on clothing or within items and make new homes elsewhere. In regards to libraries, guests can introduce bed bugs by walking into the building with a bug on them, or by returning infested books or videos. Once they’re inside, the bugs can hide in sofas, chairs, books and video cases, waiting for a guest to take them home.

Pest Control for Bed Bugs

In addition to hoping individuals practice pest control at home, public establishments, offices and commercial facilities can take steps to help keep bed bugs at bay. One of the best ways to do this is with knowledge, staff training, professional inspections and monitoring. By partnering with a pest control company before there’s a problem, you can help keep your facility bed bug-free and control an infestation before it becomes devastating.

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