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How Apples Solved the Mystery of Life

Many Seattle, WA residents enjoy picking apples from the boundless apple trees that the state is famous for, but what they probably don’t know is that the popular fruit is helping to answer a question that has puzzled scientists for decades. A recent apple-related discovery has both baffled and delighted researchers. For the first time […]


Wasps vs. Stink Bugs: Let the Biocontrol Battle Begin

Just when you think you have an unsolvable problem, nature steps in to help. Everett, WA residents, like most Washington fruit farmers and homeowners, have a serious stink bug problem that has spiraled out of control. Until now, there hasn’t been any way to tame the chaos — Eden Pest is investigating a new discovery. […]


We Don’t Kill Bats, and Why You Shouldn’t Either

Do you have bats in your Roseburg, OR, attic? If so, don’t panic or try to exterminate them on your own. Bats can carry harmful microorganisms that may make humans very ill; so bat removal should only be attempted by the professionals at Eden Pest. Despite their less-than-charming reputation, bats are not all bad. They […]

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‘Tis the Season for Rat Infestations

Winter in Olympia, WA brings with it a wide range of rodent problems, including rats. The large, crafty rat is adept at sneaking inside your home through entrances like tiny holes, worn building materials and even sewer pipes. Like other mammals, rats seek food and shelter indoors when frigid temperatures hit. You probably don’t want […]

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Eleven Tips to Keep Your Thanksgiving Dinner Pest-Free

Bellevue, WA, has many great perks to offer its residents. Ranked as the 2nd Best Place to Live by USA Today in 2014, the city continues to grow in popularity and population. As the holidays approach, Bellevue residents are busy planning their Thanksgiving Day dinners. Unfortunately, with such a large population of great cooks working […]


Don’t Let Rodents Overwinter in Your Home

Like any big city, Portland, OR, has more than its fair share of rodents. With all the enticing thrown-away food available, mice and rats have every reason to spend their winters in your neighborhood. Rodents are a serious public health risk for a variety of reasons. Their feces and urine can contaminate food and water […]


Quit Bugging Me: Overcoming the Bed Bug’s Bite [Infographic]

Bed bugs are a big problem across the U.S. that almost every pest professional has treated in the past year. This Infographic examines how bed bugs made a comeback, signs of an infestation and the pest’s life cycle. Learn where the bugs are most likely to appear, which U.S. cities are bed bug hotspots, and […]

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Eden’s Cody Pace Interviewed on ‘Around the House with Handyman Bob & Eric G.’

At Eden Pest, our team is serious about educating the public about residential pest control and insects. We are proud that our very own Cody Pace appeared on the popular radio show “Around the House with Handyman Bob and Eric G.” on September 26, 2015. During the show, Pace discussed the “Pestaurant” event at OMSI’s […]

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Eden & Alpha Host Portland’s First Pop-Up ‘Pestaurant’

There are over 1,900 edible bugs on the planet. Washington and Oregon pest control experts state that bugs are a great source of protein and healthy fats, produce less methane gas than livestock, take up less room to rear, and are less likely to transmit diseases to humans than other sources of protein. On September […]

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“Super” Lice on the Rise: What You Need to Know

As if regular lice weren’t already on a parent’s list of nightmarish situations, mutant lice are now invading schools across the U.S. When it comes to pest control, Washington is the first states in the Northwest to deal with “super” lice. This means that the lice developed genes that protect them against permethrin, or pyrethroid, […]

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