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Bizarre Mating Behavior from the Pest World


Courtship ideas are everywhere during the Valentine’s Day season: Buy a box of chocolates, give a lovey-dovey card and go out for dinner. Of course humans aren’t the only species in the animal kingdom to participate in strange rituals when it comes to attracting a mate and procreating. Here’s a look at some of the more interesting mating behaviors from the pests you love to hate:                             


American cockroaches do a special dance to attract each other. Female roaches make the first move by spreading their wings to show off their “assets” in what’s known as the calling position. While in this position, the female releases pheromones. In response, male roaches flap their wings as if to say, “Hey, baby, I like what I see.” Then the mating begins.

Spiders and flies also do special dances to attract female callers.


When it comes to rodent control, Portland experts must understand mating habits in order to prevent outbreaks. When there’s a large rat population, a male rat has a harem-like group of female rats, a “burrow,” that it defends from other male rats. However, when populations are low, male rats don’t protect the female burrows, and female rats have several mates. Knowing about this behavior helps Portland rodent control experts remedy infestations in homes and neighborhoods.

Romantic Rhythms

Crickets and fruit flies sing to attract mates. To show their affection for each other, mosquitoes sing harmonic duets together.

Sweet Gestures

Some female insects can’t resist gifts. The male hangingfly, for example, presents his sweetie with captured prey to show his interest. Male balloon flies wrap their captured prey in silk balloons.

Brute Force

Among the most unromantic pests are bed bugs. Mating between bed bugs is an aggressive experience, as males puncture the abdomens of the females to fertilize eggs. Not hot.

While the romantic rituals of the animal kingdom make for interesting conversation, knowing about them helps pest experts control and prevent infestations. To learn more about pest management, Portland residents can call Eden Pest for free information and a home inspection.

[ Photo by: PERSPECTIV!, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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