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Birds – So cute, yet so costly.

It’s the season for birds and birds nesting… on your homes, schools and businesses.  They may be fun to watch and sometimes fun to listen to but they sure can be a pest when they nest.


If you’ve got sparrows or starlings flying around your home, chances are they’re building nests somewhere on your house, usually under your eaves. Many times they find their way into the un-netted holes leading to your attic.


Not only are their nests unsightly but the baby birds will make noise at all hours of the day.  I highly suggest knocking down the nest(s) before the eggs are layed or the babies hatched.


If you’ve got nests or popular perching sites then you’ve got bird droppings.  Bird feces is not only ugly but contains high levels of toxic bacteria. If that bacteria is ingested it can cause some serious ailments.    


I was recently inspecting a bird issue on a lab facility here in Washington. The window designs involved metal awnings above each window where birds would perch and do their business. The windows were so covered with bird feces that it was hard to see out of them. The major issue in this case was the lab work taking place on the other side of the windows.


Bacteria like that can seep through any crack or crevice that might exist along the window’s seal.  Any foreign compound entering a lab atmosphere could thwart any major testing procedures and throw off scientific data.


This small design flaw could end up costing this company thousands of dollars in botched experiments or bird repelling modifications.


My advice on that issue would be to consult an IPM expert during the process of building anything that could potentially attract pests.

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