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Bedbugs… and Pets!

Many people ask the question : “are bedbugs similar to fleas and do they infest pets?”

The truth of the matter is, yes; Bedbugs are similar to fleas. Unfortunately, they are much, much harder to get rid of.

Back to the pet question.  For some reason, Bedbugs prefer to feed on human blood over animal blood. However… they will feed on just about any warm-blooded animal, if necessary. They’re even known to feed on birds… which could be another reason for their rapid dispersal rate.

An infestation is an infestation. If a room is infested with bedbugs, they will be everywhere, including pet beds, bird cages, etc. Pets’ areas should be treated just as thoroughly as any other objects in the building. High heat and steam is a great way to treat those objects, as to lessen the use of insecticides around pets. The heat treatment will effectively kill all bedbugs and eggs that come in contact with it with out leaving a residue. Pet bedding can be washed and dried in high heat as well.

In a nut shell, pets and their areas should be treated if your home is being treated for Bedbugs… but Pets are not the main concern for contracting and spreading the pest. Human’s are! Yikes!

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