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Bedbug education for our communities

Bedbugs are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. They are tiny, nocturnal and can withstand temperatures below freezing up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. That paired with their ability to travel and hitchhike inconspicuously at a rapid rate makes them a hotel’s, apartment complex or housing authority’s worst nightmare.
Yes, Eden treats for Bedbugs and yes, it is expensive… so yes, we are offering pro-bono educational talks to facility managers throughout the Northwest.
Cody Pace recently performed a two-day bedbug symposium for a local housing authority.  There were approximately 30, low-income apartment managers, in attendance; all eager to learn the ins and outs proactively combating bedbug infestations.
The reason lower-income apartment complexes are such prominent target for bedbugs is because of the high tenant turn-over rate. One of the major transmitters of bedbugs is old furniture left behind and free for grabs.
Cody emphasized that one of the simplest prevention techniques is spray paint, “If you’re getting rid of a mattress or furniture that you know resided in a bedbug infested unit; spray paint “BEDBUGS” on it.  It may also be wise to slash the fabric on the mattress or furniture so it will be undesirable for someone else to pick up.”
If your organization is interested in having a speaker present about bedbugs… please contact an Eden representative.

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