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Bed Bugs Q&A

Bed bugs are spreading everywhere, and with them, misconceptions and misunderstandings about this little insect. Here are some answers to questions we’ve heard – we hope it helps you deal with any infestation you may have, or may be worried about getting.

Question: Are bed bugs attracted to blood?

Answer: Bed bugs, like most insects that feed from humans, are not attracted to the scent of blood. A sudden nosebleed will not draw them to you like sharks – rather, they are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exude with every breath. They are also attracted to our heat.

Question: Are bed bugs caused by being dirty?

Answer: Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning can prevent a bed bug infestation. However, sanitary conditions can lead to early detection, therefore decreasing the cost and depth of the treatment. Clutter and debris create hiding places for the tiny insects, therefore making eradication harder.

Question: Can I kill bed bugs with over-the-counter products like kerosene?

Answer: Health officials and pest control professionals DO NOT recommend the use of any chemical or substance that is not approved for the control of bed bugs. Kerosene is dangerous – it has toxic fumes and is highly flammable. If you have bed bugs, contact a professional immediately. Do not perform your own applications.

Question: If I throw out my bed, will it solve my bed bug problem?

Answer: Although a majority of the bed bugs do live on the bed, they do spread around the home. They can easily relocate to bed stands, couches, laundry hampers, etc. An inspection of the entire home is required to determine where the bed bugs are located.

Question: Bed bugs can transmit diseases like HIV/HBV

Answer: This is not true. Bed bugs do not spread diseases. However, a secondary infection can occur if the bites become inflamed and infected.

If you have further questions regarding bed bugs, please feel free to contact our office. Our staff has been trained to respond to your bed bug questions, and is always happy to help.

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