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Bed Bugs, Not a Do-It-Yourself Type Thing

Bed Bugs

The Environmental Protection Agency held a Bed Bug Summit in Washington D.C. on April 14 and 15, hoping to answer many questions and concerns about bed bug infestations across the country.

The number of bed bug infestation reports has increased globally by 500% since 1999.

With the nation near a state of panic over what to do about this bed bug resurgence, Eden Advanced Pest Technologies has some advice for residents of the Pacific Northwest.  “Don’t treat infestations yourself, hire a professional.”

Experts believe that a major contributor to the rise in bedbug infestations is “do-it-yourself” methods.  Low-income homeowners, renters and landlords often choose to treat infestations themselves in order to save money.  Sometimes these methods work for a while, but usually they make the problem worse and cause it to spread to multiple units or properties.

The Department of Agriculture and Departments of Heath across the nation are worried about the overuse of chemicals from DIY methods and the effect it would have on the environment.  Another reason to avoid DIY treatment is that they can be harmful to people and pets’ health. OTC treatments are usually sprays or dusts which can get in the air and be inhaled or ingested.

The problem for many is that professional bedbug extermination is a costly procedure if it is done right.  An infested room must be heated up to 140 degrees, among other procedures, in order to kill the bugs. It then can take 3 – 4 visits to treat an infestation entirely… even by a professional.  Though it is costly, it will be much more expensive in the long run, to simply hope the bedbugs will disappear. A strong course of action by the government is advised.

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