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New York Artist Turns Bed Bug Pest Control Problem into Street Art

The only time bed bugs are cool is when New York artist Hunter Fine uses them as inspiration for his work. Bed bugs, Seattle residents have found, are an ever-expanding problem, particularly in apartment buildings. And the bed bug pest control problem isn’t just limited to Seattle; New York has been hit hard, as well, providing the inspiration for Fine’s latest venture. His goal is to raise awareness about bed bugs through his art.

The Art

If you walk down a New York street and notice a miniature “bed bug hotel” affixed to the outside of an apartment building, near the front door, there is a good chance you are viewing Fine’s artwork. There is also a good chance that one or more tenants in the building have a bed bug problem that has gone unaddressed by a landlord who refuses to call a local pest control company. The goal of the art isn’t to embarrass the tenants; it’s to motivate landlords to take bed bug pest control action. Fine displays his bed bug hotels online, and he encourages fans to build their own (when it’s appropriate) and take pictures so he can feature them.

The Importance

Fine’s artwork may seem amusing, but it raises important issues surrounding bed bugs and tenant rights. Bed bug pest control is virtually impossible to conduct effectively without the help of a local pest control company, and most insecticides do not completely eliminate them. The best way to handle a bed bug pest control problem is to call a local pest control company that uses effective, non-toxic methods (such as bed bug heat treatments) to eliminate the infestation. In apartments, bed bug pest control should be a priority for property owners because the pests spread quickly due to the close proximity of the dwellings.

When it comes to bed bugs, Seattle residents should not hesitate to take immediate action. Your unaffected neighbors will thank you.

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