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Bed Bug Gross-Out: Happy Halloween!

When Halloween arrives, people everywhere are suddenly stricken with the irresistible compulsion to gross themselves out by watching gory movies, visiting haunted houses and otherwise surrounding themselves with blood and guts.

We’ve got something even better to get your skin crawling: a magnified time-lapse video of a bed bug dining on human flesh.

Across North American, including Seattle, bed bugs have been making a big comeback. Bed bug pest control companies are receiving an increasing number of calls about these bloodsucking pests. Unfortunately, when it comes to eliminating bed bugs, Seattle residents often need professional help as these pests are notoriously difficult to kill.

So what’s the big deal about bed bugs? Seattle dwellers may not have to worry about deadly diseases or other health hazards with these tiny biters, but the psychological effects of a bed bug infestation shouldn’t be taken lightly. See for yourself – but beware: this video is not for the squeamish.

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