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Bed Bug Awareness Week (April 20-26)

Bed Bug Awareness Week

In April, National Pest Management Month coincides with Bed Bug Awareness Week. As the weather warms and people travel, Washington and Oregon pest control experts want to raise awareness about bed bugs and offer prevention tips that you can use at home and while on the road. 

Bed Bug Pest Control: The Basics

Bed bugs are among the top pest problems in the U.S. While they’re commonly found in homes, Oregon and Washington pest control technicians share that bed bug encounters often occur in public places like libraries and changing rooms.

Adult bed bugs resemble apple seeds in shape and color. Their eggs and larvae are translucent and pale in color. They often nest in mattresses, furniture near a bed, closets, curtains and in other areas that are out of sight.

The most obvious sign of a bed bug infestation is seeing red, itchy splotches on your skin if you’re sensitive to the insect’s saliva. If your body doesn’t react to the saliva, you may notice reddish-brown blotches on your bed sheets, which may be dried blood or bed bug waste.  

Bed Bug Treatment and Prevention

Bed bugs are harder to treat than cockroaches, termites and ants. Therefore, the best control method is prevention:

  • Keep your home clutter-free and regularly vacuum and dust.
  • Conduct regular bedroom inspections to look for signs of bed bugs. Look under mattresses, behind headboards, in and behind nightstands and dressers, and in closets.
  • Regularly wash bed sheets and other laundry on the hottest water and dryer settings possible.
  • Do not purchase or accept used mattresses, sofas and upholstered furniture. Inspect all second-hand items before purchasing them.
  • Use bed bug-preventing covers on mattresses.

Travel Tips

One of the best places to contract bed bugs is in a hotel room. Some bed bugs are so small that they can crawl through the closed zipper of a bag or suitcase and hitch a ride to your home.

Avoid bed bugs while traveling by:

  • Inspecting the hotel room for signs of bed bugs under the sheets and mattress and along mattress seams. Also look behind the headboard, as well as in and around furniture.
  • Changing rooms if you find signs of bed bugs. Ask for a room on a different floor, on the opposite end of the original room.
  • Keep your clothing and personal items sealed in plastic bags.
  • Unpack your suitcase outside or in the garage when you get home. Inspect your luggage for bed bugs.
  • Wash all your travel clothes in the hottest water and dryer setting possible.

If you think you have bed bugs in your home or place of business, call Eden Pest immediately. The technicians use green techniques to find and control bed bugs that are more effective than harmful chemical treatments. To make sure your business stays bed bug-free, sign up for Eden’s Bed Bug Response Plan, a proactive program that prevents, monitors and protects your facility. 

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