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Avoid these Pest-Borne Illnesses this Summer

people playing on the beach in summerJust as you look both ways before crossing the road or prevent bear encounter while camping by putting away food, be mindful about the little things that have big consequences, like pest-borne illnesses. While these illnesses are not reason enough to avoid the outdoors, natural pest control experts urge you to take the time to use simple control techniques to stay healthy this summer.

Summertime Pest-Borne Illnesses:

  • Bubonic plague: Caused by fleas; rodents in California tested positive for the bacteria in 2013; symptoms in humans include black-colored swelling on the skin
  • Hantavirus: Found in rodent droppings, this virus can become airborne; symptom include flu-like symptoms and muscle aches in the back, shoulders and thighs
  • Lyme disease: Caused by ticks; symptoms include a bulls eye-like rash and muscle pain; this disease is one of the fastest growing vector-borne illnesses
  • Typhus: Caused by fleas; infected over 105 people in California in 2013; symptoms include flu-like symptoms and enlarged lymph nodes
  • West Nile virus: Caused by mosquitoes; symptoms include flu-like symptoms, head pain and neck stiffness; scientists expect mosquitoes to be highly active this summer

Washington and Oregon Pest Control Tips to Prevent Pest-Borne Illnesses

  • Avoid touching rodent dropping. If you rodent waste in your home or business, stay safe and hire a pest control company to clean it.
  • Do not feed wildlife, including squirrels and chipmunks, because they may carry harmful fleas.
  • Use long pants, long-sleeved shirts, long socks and a hat while camping or hiking to prevent mosquito and tick bites.
  • Use tick and flea control products on pets.
  • Stick to paths and avoid tall grasses while hiking to prevent tick bites.
  • Use products with DEET to repel ticks and mosquitoes.
  • Keep woodpiles several meters away from your home.
  • Drain pooled or standing water on your property.
  • Use lids on outdoor trashcans.
  • Keep your landscaping manicured.
  • Avoid leaving food out in the open.

If you believe that you have a pest-borne illness, seek medical attention right away. To prevent or eliminate pest infestations in your home or business, you need effective pest control. Washington and Oregon residents can contact Eden Pest for a free inspection and to learn about its natural pest control solutions.

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