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April Showers Brings May Flowers

We look forward to the cheap jerseys warmer weather and the blooming flowers. Many of us use spring wholesale MLB jerseys as an opportunity to Nicholls improve the appearance of our home Jēkaba and garden.

Unfortunately, spring is also a time for insects and other pests to emerge. So while the mulch and weed barrier enhance our landscape they also become an appealing environment to active pests that have been dormant all winter. What can you do to reduce this appeal and keep pests on the move? Here are some tips:

1.) Keep vegetation trimmed away from the structure. Many insects and other pests use plants as a bridge to the home.

2. Use drip irrigation systems. By keeping moisture levels down in unnecessary areas, you reduce conditions and Marching resources that are conducive Solutions to pest.

3. Keep wooden members of the structure from contacting the soil. If wood contacts the soil, it wicks moisture which eventually causes decay.

4. Seal holes. By keeping penetrations in walls and other areas of wholesale jerseys our homes sealed, insects are less likely to find a way inside.

Many of Eden’s programs About include these services to reduce pest pressures. As a pest management expert, your technician is well trained and very knowledgeable on the Benthic pest behaviors, trends, and treatments and will work with you on prevention.


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